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Board of Directors

Growing Partnerships

The Center for Counseling & Wellness is interested in improving the mental health of individuals and families all along the Grand strand. It takes an army to reach out to fulfill our mission. To that end we have fostered  partnerships with a variety of organizations who carry the same mantle. We partner with North Strand Housing Shelter, A Father's Place, and Capture Inc. Community Center.

Do you have an organization with a similar purpose? Contact our executive Director Ron Bogle via email at or by phone at 843-663-0770to see how we can help each other help others.

Our Mission

Final Thoughts

We hope this site has answered your questions about who we are as a group and alleviated your fears about reaching out for help. Everyone experiences difficult times, grief, hurt, and maybe gets stuck. We are here to help you navigate the experiences that overwhelm you and help you find your way back to you. Give us a call 843-663-0770 or send us an email through the contact link above. We look forward to hearing from you.

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